WISE 54 Serving Grab n' Go Bucket FREE SHIPPING!!!

2 Servings per Day (1 Adult for 4 weeks, or 4 adults for 1 week) 
Standard meal packages provide your family with 4 Adult servings
Stroganoff (4)
Creamy Chicken Pasta (4) 
Chicken Teriyaki (4) 
Cheesy Lasagna (4) 
Chicken Ala King (4) 
Cheesy Macaroni (4) 
Creamy Potato Soup (4) 
Brown Sugar Oatmeal (8) 
Blueberry Pancakes (12) 
Honey Glazed Granola (8)
25 Year Shelf Life (With Proper Storage)


All orders are shipped directly from the manufacturer to ensure the freshest product available. 


 FREE SHIPPING (Excluding Hawaii and Alaska, shipping charges will be added for all orders for Hawaii and Alaska after purchase and will be billed separately)

56 Serving Grab n' Go Bucket
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